Initiative and Referenda Management

Over the past 36 years, APC has become the largest and most successful petition management firm in the country. Since our founding, we have qualified more than 700 state and local measures to the ballot in 46 states for a wide variety of national and local clients.

APC has demonstrated an uncanny ability to meet very difficult signature obligations, often in very shortened timeframes. Some of our greatest accomplishments include qualifying a four-part referendum in which we collected 2.8 million signatures in less than seven weeks, collecting 1.6 million signatures on two initiatives in 28 days, and qualifying numerous statutes and constitutional amendments in 10 weeks or fewer.

Despite our history of prolific production, we have been very proud to meet our commitment to quality control. This commitment is present at every step of the signature gathering cycle, from our intensive on-site management to our dedicated full time processing staff which has more than 70 years of combined experience and created nearly all of the processing methods utilized in our industry today.

APC’s record of achievement in the petition management field speaks for itself and we incorporate everything we’ve learned over the past 36 years into our qualification strategy and quality control measures.

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