Would you like your Petition on the BALLOT?


   When it comes to gathering signatures,  we've made the "record book" many times:

  • The fewest days to qualify a measure for the California ballot - 700,000 signatures in 17 days
  • The fewest days to qualify a constitutional amendment to the California ballot - 1.1 million signatures in 28 days
  • Collection of 1.2 million signatures on two measures in 19 days
  • Collecting 1,000,000 signatures in Florida in 70 days
  • Collecting 200,000 signatures in Washington in 50 days despite battling rain, sleet and snow for 49 of those days
  • Qualifying a measure in Alaska in under three weeks in the midst of minus 40-degree weather and an exploding volcano
  • Qualifying four measures in two different states on a single day


 Quality is an APC trademark.   We're the only company with a full-time signature processing staff.  With 17 years experience, our processing manager has pioneered virtually every processing technique used in today's signature-gathering industry.  And we set - and meet - a minimum validity standard for every project.

APC provides the full range of services for qualifying ballot measures - including the recruiting, training and supervision of signature gatherers, and complete petition processing and verification.


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